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Rules For Forum Use
Each Forum and Sub-Forum are subject to their own rules in ADDITION to the basic ones that apply everywhere. They are as follows:

1. Be Polite: This applies to EVERYONE. Flaming or personal attacks will not be tolerated, and are punishable.

2. Spamming: Fairly simple, I would hope. No 1 word posts, mass "Bumping" or "Uping" threads. Same for Double-posts, off-topic posts, and "Trolling". Repetitiveness of any of the above is punishable. Also anything that's clearly meant just to be a nuisance will be considered spam.

3. Search Function: It's a valuable tool, so use it. Multiple threads for the same purpose are just down right annoying. Now, if there's a thread which hasn't had any posts in a while, it's up to you to make a new thread or not (if it's been over 2 weeks - a month, just go for it)

4. Missing Threads: If a deck did well at a large-style tournament and is not pinned, then it is probably pinned elsewhere in a sub-forum or nobody bothered to post it.

5. Evading The Censor: Self explanatory. Your post will be edited, and warning issued.

6. Flaming: Anything that consists but, not restricted to, of racism, sexism, trolling, derogatory remarks, inappropriate language, anything demeaning to another, or anything that lacks basic decency when posting on these forums.

7. "Wannabe Moding": If you see something that isn't right, click the report button, and leave it. Don't try and post the "This shouldn't be here" and be a mod.

8. Repeated Bad Grammar: Mainly in regards to 1337 speak. It's annoying, hard to read, and 100% unnecessary.

9. Hidden Text: ALL posts must be in plain, easy to see, easy to read text. Otherwise your post will be changed and warning issued.

10. Inappropriate Material: Lets try to keep it at a PG-13 or under rating please? anything that requires you to be "18+" will just result in a downgrade of status or straight ban.

11. Illegal Activity: Don't talk of anything that you do outside of magic, such as illegal downloading or gambling, on these forums.

12. Disobeying a Mod/Admin: Self Explanatory. If you feel a request is unreasonable, please contact them through the PM system. Also can Request an Admin to intervene. DO NOT ignore a mod's request.

13. Admins/Mods will issue warnings and such in BOLD COLORED text. this is reserved for Admins/Mods ONLY. Posting like that, pretending to be an Admin/Mod, or editing your post to look like one of us did it will result in suspension.

Abuse of the report system: Spam reporting threads will result in suspension. It's important for each thread/post to be looked at. Filling up the report box only slows this process down

Threatening: Not Tolerated. Based on level of threat, and how the other party took it, punishment may vary.

Disobeying a Mod: Self Explanatory. If you feel a request is unreasonable, please contact them through the PM system. Also can Request an Admin to intervene. DO NOT ignore a mod's request

Illegal Activity: Not exactly the brightest idea to talk about your activities on here anyway
Posting or linking of inappropriate material: We're trying to keep it at least mostly family friendly here, so anything short of an "18+" rating will just be a suspension

Malicious links: Posting any links to any spyware, a page with a Trojan, or any other form of malicious code.

Snuff or Child Pornography: As Stated Above, This is intolerable.

Scams, or Ripping People Off: Also 0 tolerance.

Suspension Evasion: Having friends post for you, logging in under a different account, etc. All are not tolerated, your suspended for a reason, and you can WAIT until it's over.

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